Articulation Game Companion: Table Top Toss

The Type B SLP

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A no prep, ONE PAGE game companion! This companion targets phonemes /p, b, t, d, f, v, k, g, m, n, ch, sh, th, r, r blends, s, s blends/ in all word positions. Included are every sound in every position, 12 words per sound. Words are provided with a corresponding image, with word lists included for easier data collection. This DOES NOT have to be used as a game companion. It is able to be used as a standalone game, including complete directions and rules for game play, as well as a game mat. If you'd like to purchase the wooden table top game, it's linked below!

The following articulation sounds in initial, medial, and final position are included:
B, P, T, D, F, V, K. G, SH, CH, TH, R, R blends, S, S blends, L, L blends, + a blank template to target all goal areas.

The game can be purchased via Amazon! My students LOVE this game, it's so engaging and unique!
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If you have any questions before purchasing, I am happy to help.

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