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    About Me

    Sooo Why Type B??
    I came across this silly comic strip on Type B personalities and had to share: 
    It cracks me up! I've never been competitive...ever. I once ran the 1500 meter event (approximately a mile) in over ten minutes. TEN MINUTES. Which, for a healthy athletic 16 year old...that's pretty bad. Why did I purposely run it so painstakingly slow? I just didn't have the competitive bone in me that my track coach insisted I must find. The faster and harder he told me to run, the more I took to people watching and repeating Gwen Stefani lyrics to myself (B-A-N-A-N-A-S!). 
    I like drinking coffee on my porch at 10am on Saturday's, not leaving the house until at least 12pm. I like Friday night movie marathons with my home-popped popcorn (and wine, but you knew that). I like leaving work at work, because I deserve that. 
    Yes, I complete paperwork on time, and finish my IEPs during the dreaded annual review seasons. However, I don't spend hours every weekend preparing materials and lessons, laminating from sun up to sun down, poring over progress reports Sunday evenings, or overthinking the goal I wrote for Jimmy at last Friday's meeting while sipping on my Saturday cocktail. I firmly believe, as SLPs in busy school settings with unmanageable caseloads and juggling a slew of goals/teachers/PLCs/meetings/paperwork etc etc etc... we deserve time for #1 (yourself!)
    There ARE times when I have to bring work home... mostly annual review season or on days I forget that little Sally's AAC device hasn't been configured since last Monday with her new target core vocab for the upcoming week. It's called balance
    But back to being competitive... or not competitive, rather. This component of my personality works well in my favor... I don't compare myself to other SLPs, other TPT sellers, or other bloggers. I don't compete with them, I just think, "wow, that seller is doing kickass work!"  I work with a fellow SLP, and if I compared my therapy with every single one of her amazing sessions, I'd never make it as an SLP! So maybe that nugget of wisdom will help you feel better, or at least remind you that we're all different; we have different strengths and different weaknesses, so focus on the strengths (and tell yourself what a badass SLP you've come to be!) 
    one of my weaknesses: I cut out SLP materials but somehow never can get myself to laminate said materials, so my students most certainly ruin my materials and I most certainly have to go back and reprint them 😇
    one of my strengths: I drink a LOT of, A LOT...and my body still reacts to the caffeine despite my years and years of intake! Which means I'm a living breathing rendition of the quote "coffee before talkie."
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy my bumps and joys of the busy life of a Type B SLP, and I hope my blog can bring you simplified planning and time-management tricks to help make this amazing profession a little less stressful!