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    Articulation & Language No Prep Craft Winter Hats: 1 Product, 6 Ways

    Articulation & Language No Prep Craft Winter Hats: 1 Product, 6 Ways

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    Create a cute snowman hat, a winter hat, or an adorable snowman while practicing articulation sounds, phoneme/sound placement, and language! This activity is as little or as much prep as you'd like it to be, depending on the option you choose! Options for coloring page, hat craft, snowman hat, or snowman craft with additional tips for extra crafts.

    Included are every sound in every position, 18 words per hat. Words are provided with a corresponding image, with word lists included on each page. A blank form is also included so that you can use this same craft for your mixed groups or any goal. Photo instructions are included for assembly. This craftivity is GREAT for carryover. Word lists are provided to attach to hats and send home!

    The following articulation sounds in initial, medial and final position are included:
    /B, P, T, D, K, G, F, V, M, N, SH, CH, L, L Blends, S, S Blends, R, R blends/ 

    The language concepts listed below are also included:

    Categories (animals & food)
    Rhyming words
    Spatial Concepts
    1-Step Directions
    2-Step Directions