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    Winter Sports Themed Therapy Lesson Plans!

    Winter Sports Themed Therapy Lesson Plans!

    3 minute read

    Winter Sports Themed Therapy Lesson Plans! 

    The 2022 Winter Olympics are HERE and it's time to celebrate with your students! I love using world events in my therapy sessions so I wanted to make sure to include something as big as the olympics this winter. If you are wanting to celebrate the start of the winter olympics, I have just the lesson plans for you 👇🏼

    Book Favorites

    Curious George In The Snow (PK-3)

    Bunny Slopes (PK-K)

    Just One Goal (K-2)

    Teach Your Giraffe to Ski (PK-2) (Great for core words!)

    Tallulah's Ice Skates (K-3)

    Kamik Joins the Pack (1-4)

    Book Extension Activities

    winter sports lesson plans companions
    ​I love using my Ultimate Thematic Winter Sports Unit during this time of year because it includes so many activities that you can pair with almost any book and activity you are using with your student.

    Ultimate Thematic WINTER Unit: The Bundle

    Ultimate Thematic WINTER Unit: The Bundle


    Evidenced based companion packs that you can use with virtually ANY thematic book, activity, or game. This HUGE growing resource will give you access to TONS of therapy tools to use with any resource, book, game, or activity related to that theme. This resource includes evidence based practices for vocabulary… read more

    Sensory Play

    Material suggestions for a Winter Sports themed Sensory Play Activity:

    -cardboard, boxes, or books to make a hill / ramp

    -popsicle sticks (for skiis or a snowboard)

    -play people, Lego people, small figurines

    -cotton balls for snow


    -white play-doh

    -plastic trees

    -Have extra time? Freeze your mini objects in water to make them slippery ice cubes!

    Play-Based Activities:

    Let's Make an Ice Rink!

    Cookie sheet or foil pan: freeze a layer of water on a cookie sheet or foil pan to create a mini ice skating rink! Grab mini objects or figurines to have them "skate" on the pond! Use your imagination to have your ice skaters do tricks, have races, or practice a synchronized ice skating routine (a great sneaky way to practice following directions with concepts!!)

    Butcher paper: laminate some butcher paper and tape it to the floor to create a life-sized ice rink! This is a great way to incorporate movement into your therapy sessions.

    Shower Curtain: Place a white shower curtain on the floor to create a life-sized ice rink! Have your student take their shoes off and pretend to "skate"/glide on their socks.

    Resources, Freebies, and Favorites

    Videos and Articles:

    Use a video in the beginning of your session to preview vocabulary! Have a mixed group? How many times can your articulation student find their speech sound in the video? I personally love using YouTube Kids!

    NEWSELA is a free website with tons of news articles, leveled to your students' needs, and great for comprehension, vocabulary, building background knowledge, and more! simply Search any topic and choose your level! (when I was in the schools, I used this website CONSTANTLY with my school aged students. Definitely a yearlong favorite!)

    winter sports boom cards

    ​Winter Sports Themed Boom Cards 

    Winter Themed Boom Cards for Speech

    ​Winter Themed Cheat Sheets for Speech Language and Articulation​

    Winter Theme Speech Therapy Book Companions

    Slalom Hero from

    Sled Dog from PBS Kids

    Super Snowboarder from PBS Kids

    Toys, Games, Books

    Polar Animal Sensory Bin*

    Frozen 2 Snowflake Catch Game*

    Instant Snow Scene Making Kit*

    SHOP all my recommendations here on my Amazon Storefront*!

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