Ultimate Thematic WINTER Unit: The Bundle

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Evidenced based companion packs that you can use with virtually ANY thematic book, activity, or game. This HUGE growing resource will give you access to TONS of therapy tools to use with any resource, book, game, or activity related to that theme. This resource includes evidence based practices for vocabulary instruction for young learners (preschool-Kindergarten), presented with research based practices that are broken down for you, so that you can start using these strategies in your therapy room tomorrow! Bonus: each theme includes thematic articulation cards to make mixed group therapy a breeze!


Included in this HUGE download: 

-Research based practices for vocabulary instruction using read aloud and pretend play

-Editable planners created from research based practices for easy implementation

-Accompanying book and activities lists/suggestions for every theme with links to activities and crafts

-Editable core boards using Fitzgerald key color coding

-8 individual themes to use from December-March

-Pretend play props and picture scenes for each accompanying theme

-Black & White Verb and Vocab Mats to be used with play-doh, daubers, coloring, stacking mini erasers, etc.

-One page book companions for 1 to 3 books per theme with retell visuals and vocabulary

-Color sheets with sentence strips for expressive and receptive language

-Thematic Sequencing Cards at differentiated levels (not all themes include sequencing cards; other supplementary activities included in this case targeting pronouns, verbs, etc.)

-Visual sentence strips of varying abilities (click here for a closer look at what's included)

-Various describing visuals to increase describing skills and expressive language, including sizes, color/shape, spatial concepts, categories, wh questions, and parts of speech (click here for a closer look at what's included)

-Thematic articulation strips (picture + word) for every theme for the following phonemes: /p, b, m, n, s, t, d, f, v, k, g/ and /s/ blends, and syllabic shapes including CVC words, 2-syllable words, 3-syllable words, and 4-syllable words

-Editable articulation strips to personalize any words/sounds you need for your caseload

-Editable 20 page board to add your own themes, vocabulary, pictures, etc.

-Storage tips and ideas

-BONUS storage labels and BONUS large visual cue cards


**Disclaimer: Since some themes are very specific (i.e. arctic animals, forest animals, etc.) supplementary pages may be altered with other various hands on activities. 

Themes Included in the bundle:

-Christmas (with Hanukkah & Las Posadas vocabulary boards)


-Arctic/Polar Animals

-Winter Sports

-Valentine's Day

-St. Patrick's Day


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