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    Baking Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Baking Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    3 minute read

    Baking Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Baking Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    What kid doesn't like baking or making a mess in the kitchen?! So many of my students love sharing with me the stories of their weekend activities of baking cookies with their parents or friends. That's why whenever possible, I love to carry in this fun activity with my students! Check out these baking themes lesson plans for speech therapy and let me know if you try them out! I would love to hear what your students think! 

    Book Favorites

    If You Give A Mouse A Cookie (K-2)

    Marigold Bakes A Cake (PK-1)

    Louise Loves Bake Sales (K-3)

    More Pies (K-3)

    There Are No Bears in the Bakery (PK-2)

    Bread Lab (2-3)

    Book Extension Activities

    You can pair any baking themed book with pretend toy sets to bring them to life! I also love using my book companion bundle to have targeted practice in my therapy sessions.

    Quick Prep Seasonal Book Companions for Speech Therapy: BUNDLE

    Quick Prep Seasonal Book Companions for Speech Therapy: BUNDLE


    Speech Therapy Book Companions! Now are GREAT for teletherapy and distance learning! Are you looking for some super simple, easy prep book companions for your little learners? These quick prep book companions are great for the busy SLP. They include Evidenced… read more

    Sensory Play

    Filler suggestions for a Baking themed Sensory Bin:

    -rainbow beads

    -pom pom balls

    -toy desserts, foods, drinks

    -little tongs / play tongs

    -plastic utensils / play utensils

    -food pictures

    -food themed mini erasers

    -Add ins: Candies, food gummies, food stickers, cookie cutters, cupcake tin, cupcake liners, play dolls or animals to bake for or feed!

    Play-Based Activities

    Use Baking Food Sets: You can find amazing food play sets on Amazon (Melissa & Doug have great ones!) and practice making different desserts using the food sets. Target sequencing, following directions, verbs and other concepts through this pretend play activity.

    Let's Play Bakery!: Include your students as you set up a pretend bakery in your office or therapy space. Make store signs together and decide what kinds of yummy foods you will sell! You can run a pretend bakery with your students and "sell" your baked goods to each other or stuffed animals. During this pretend play, you can target role playing, following directions, question formation, and more.

    Hands-On Activities


    This game is something my students always get excited for and can be played during teletherapy and in-person therapy sessions. Students make a cupcake by choosing what kind of cupcake, icing, and decorations they want on their cupcakes. You can target any speech or language target and elicit as many trials as you want per turn / cupcake piece!


    Themed Cheat Sheets (Food theme included!)

    Book Companion Bundle

    Food Cooking Themed Cheat Sheets

    Distance Learning for Speech Therapy: Ultimate Thematic Food Unit

    Toys, Games, Books

    Food PopIts Fidget Toy*

    Pop The Pig Game*

    Shopping List Game*

    Mini Food & Drink Set*

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    Grab more ideas in my Free Lesson Plans here! 

    Enjoy these ideas from my therapy to yours!

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