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    No Print Basic Concepts: Before/After with Task Box Cards

    No Print Basic Concepts: Before/After with Task Box Cards

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    This product is great for teletherapy and telehealth! Looking for very basic concepts to target with students needing low level drill practice? This large, repetitive, consistent activity will keep kids engaged. Multiple options: No prep, print and go, OR simply open your device and go! See video preview for a quick how-to.

    Task box size included if you prefer something hands on & on the go, as well as no prep supplementary activities (sorting tasks, worksheets) for continued practice and carryover (completely printable).



    Simply print and they are ready for use. I recommend laminating or printing on card stock for durability, and/or simply add to a key ring.

    Kids love to circle or cross out pictures with a whiteboard marker! Or get creative with using play dough, bingo chips, dot markers, or anything else that's motivating for your student


    Follow the included directions to use this document on your computer or tablet in iBooks or similar (List of recommended apps included with links to app stores and google play!). The document is able to be written on with student finger or stylus.


    It's also INTERACTIVE! Touch the iPad or tablet (like an app), and it goes on to the next question when they choose the correct answer.