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    New Year's Speech Therapy A No Prep Craft: Articulation and Language

    New Year's Speech Therapy A No Prep Craft: Articulation and Language

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    A no prep, ONE PAGE craft for your whole speech and language caseload! Simply print and GO! Perfect for after winter break, this craft targets all phonemes in all word positions, multiple phonological processes, as well as multiple language goals. Wonderful for mixed therapy groups!

    ⭐️ Now updated for 2024 ⭐️

    Included are every sound in every position, 20 words per sound (12 words per phonological process). Words are provided with a corresponding image, with word lists included on each page for data collection (five productions per word for a total of 100 trials for each phoneme!!). A blank form is also included so that you can use this same craft for your mixed groups or any goal. This craftivity is GREAT for carryover!


    The following phonological processes are targeted:

    • Stopping
    • Fronting
    • Backing
    • Final Consonant Deletion
    • Syllable Deletion (2-syllables)
    • Syllable Deletion (3-syllables)

    The following articulation sounds in initial, medial, and final position are included:

    • K, G, D, T, P, B, F, V, M, N
    • L, L Blends
    • S, S Blends
    • R, R Blends
    • Ch, Sh, Th, J
    • blank template to target any goal areas

    The following language goals are addressed:

    • Pronouns
    • Emotions
    • Adjectives
    • Verbs
    • Rhyming words
    • Spatial Concepts (2 levels)