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    FREE Core Board in English and Spanish

    FREE Core Board in English and Spanish

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    One-page core vocabulary board (one in Spanish, and one in English) to support core vocabulary in any home. This freebie has been created to support SLPs needing to provide aide to families who are out of school due to the COVID-10 crisis.


    I am altering my Terms of Use for this specific freebie: feel free to share my resources with your families during this time. Just PLEASE make sure they are on secure websites that cannot be accessed by the public or by any other therapists or professionals (please NO shared drives). The resources you purchase are for you and your caseload (and their families) only. If you have questions about this change in my TOU, feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to chat!


    Wanting more?

    Grab my FULL set of highly useful, best selling visuals to support increasing MLU, expanding utterances, target theme vocabulary, basic concepts, articulation, and more. Grab the English set here.


    Grab the Spanish set here.

    OR save some money if you need both, and grab the money-saving bundle here!