Digital Book Companion BUNDLE: Katy Hudson Book Companions for Speech Therapy

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This product is great for speech therapy distance learning, teletherapy, and telehealth! This is a Book Bundle full of NO PRINT common core aligned book companions for Katy Hudson books, targeting a variety of language, vocabulary, and grammar goals, especially perfect for your mixed group therapy. BONUS: these no print book companions also includes printable extension activities! Great for teaching vocabulary and retell!


Book Companions included for the following Katy Hudson Books:

  • The Golden Acorn
  • A Loud Winter's Nap
  • Too Many Carrots
  • BONUS: The Perfect Birthday Recipe AVAILABLE SPRING 2021


These no print book companions can be used on any computer, tablet/iPad, or cellphone for quick, easy, and fun therapy. Perfect for speech therapy, special education, RTI, and small reading groups. Check out the preview for a closer look!


The following Common Core aligned skills are targeted in each book companion:


• WH Questions

• Sequencing

• Basic Concepts


• In-the-Text Vocabulary

• Describing/Adjectives

• Multiple Meaning Words

• Categories (what belongs & doesn't belong)

• Synonyms

• Antonyms

• Compare & Contrast


• Past Tense Verbs, both Regular and Irregular



• Printable extension activities! (varies)

• Editable pages to type. Perfect for distance learning.


Open on your device!

Open the PDF on the device of your choice (computer, laptop, tablet, or phone). You will find a screen with buttons to select your desired target area (see preview above). Click on whichever area you'd like to work on, and you will be given a set of task cards targeting that area/specific goal. This no print companion will easily supplement your students' reading!


NOTE: This download does not include any of the books listed in the product description with no affiliation to the author or books (however a YouTube link to each book is provided). The book should be purchased separately. This is ONLY a book companion pack to work on language skills. I am not affiliated with the author of these books.

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