Ultimate Thematic THANKSGIVING UNIT: Distance Learning for Speech Therapy

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Evidenced based companion packs that you can use with virtually ANY Thanksgiving/food themed book, activity, or game. This HUGE resource will give you access to TONS of therapy tools to use with any resource, book, game, or activity related to Spring. This resource includes evidence based practices for vocabulary instruction for young learners (preschool-Kindergarten), presented with research based practices that are broken down for you, so that you can start using these strategies in your therapy room tomorrow! This unit is also compatible for DISTANCE LEARNING through use of an interactive PDF. Boxes are clickable and fillable, which is great for teletherapy (i.e. for use through platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Meet, and more). Pages can also be used for HOME PRACTICE with parents!


This unit is part of my larger FALL bundle, which you can FIND HERE.


Included this huge THANKSGIVING Themed download:

-Research based practices for vocabulary instruction using read aloud and pretend play

-Therapy planners created from research based practices for easy implementation

-Pretend play props/sensory bin pieces and picture scenes

-Black & White Verb and Vocab Mats to be used with play-doh, daubers, coloring, stacking mini erasers, etc.

-One sheet vocabulary targets

-Core Vocabulary sorting with FOOD vocabulary

-Real-life picture describing with BONUS educational videos to use for distance learning and teletherapy

-Food-Themed Sequencing at differentiated levels with visual supports

-Picture scenes with accompanying target WH questions; great for targeting spatial concepts, following directions, describing, WH questions, and more

-Black and white picture scenes for coloring with targeted spatial concepts visuals

-Task box spatial concept cards to target vocabulary + spatial concepts

-Task Box Categories for identification and naming

-Themed tracing pages targeting all verb forms, separated by ending sound (-t, -d, -ed, and irregular verbs)

-Thematic articulation strips (picture + word) for every theme for the following phonemes: /m, n, s, t, d, f, v, k, g, r/, vocalic /r/, /sh, ch/ and /s/ blends, and syllabic shapes including 2-syllable words and 3-syllable words

-Pronoun practice worksheets targeting verb + vocabulary


-Coloring worksheets (send home for carryover!) targeting vocabulary + pronouns


...AND MORE!!!!

 This unit is part of my larger FALL bundle, which you can FIND HERE.



This download goes GREAT with my visual sentence and describing strips--

click here for a closer look at my visual sentence strips of varying abilities

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