Virtual Sensory Bin Boom Cards™ for Speech Therapy: Articulation and Phonology

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"Hands on" Speech Therapy in a digital world! Warm up speech using popsicle stick art to build fun pictures, and then practice your target sound using fun mini erasers and self-monitoring cues. Each target includes auditory feedback of each specific speech sound! Get TONS of repetitive practice. Need some carryover practice? Use picture scenes with mini erasers containing target sounds!

This BOOM cards™ deck is a follow-up to my open-ended digital sensory bins for language!


Watch my helpful video for how I use this product here!


Grab it HERE to give it a try for FREE! This will give you an idea of how the articulation Boom deck will look.


Bundle includes:

  • Articulation (f, v, k, g, s, sh, ch, th, l, l blends, s, blends)
  • Minimal Pairs for Phonology
  • /r/ Articulation (initial r, r controlled vowels, r blends)
  • Early Sounds (m, p, b, t, d) FREE ONLY IN THE BUNDLE! COMING OCTOBER 2020
  • Consistent, clear visuals for distance learning
  • Popsicle Stick warm-up for maximum repetitions
  • Sensory Bin articulation with mini erasers and customizable sentence strips
  • Carryover Picture Scenes for each target

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