How to Use Boom Cards in Speech Therapy

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"...Boom Cards? What are Boom Cards?"

This is the question I found myself asking myself and other SLP Instagrammers as I recently started quickly shifting to a teletherapy platform. 

Here's what I've learned: Teletherapy + Boom Cards = super fun, engaging learning opportunities! They're not necessary for successful teletherapy, but they sure are a blast!


What is Boom Learning?

Boom Learning is a platform that allows SLPs to purchase and/or create digital activities (Boom cards/decks) for students. Boom “decks” are made up of individual, digital task cards for students to complete. You don't download them onto your computer, and you don't print them off. They're used on a web-based program only.

Why should I use Boom cards in Speech Therapy?

  • Gives students immediate, automatic feedback
  • Gets students EXCITED about speech therapy goals
  • Holds students accountable for their independent work
  • Saves paper
  • Saves time (nothing to prep!)
  • Interactive and FUN
  • It's FREE (unless you want some bonus features, such as the ability to see your students' progress. Otherwise, you can use and share boom decks completely free)

What do I need in order to use Boom cards?

  • A computer, tablet, or interactive whiteboard
  • An internet browser that is 3 or fewer years old (OR the free Boom app)
  • A free or paid Boom account
  • An internet connection to access the Boom decks

Where do I purchase Boom Cards?

Option A: Teachers Pay Teachers

  1. Purchase your deck or bundle on the TPT website (you can grab my favorite set here).
  2. Download and open the PDF included in your purchase.
  3. Inside the PDF, you'll find a link (or links) to access your deck. Click the link, and it'll open your browser in order to add your new deck to your library (be sure you've created and logged in to your account!). 
  4. Now, all purchased decks will appear under your "library" tab!

Option B: Boom Learning Website

  1. Create your Boom Learning account, and head over to the "Store" tab
  2. Search for popular stores, or simply type in some things you're in need of (i.e. "articulation")
  3. Try out the first 4 pages of any deck you think you might like using! That's a free sample for every deck you find (my favorite part!)
  4. When you're ready to buy your deck, be sure you have "credits" to purchase your deck. You can buy store credits when you find the deck you want to purchase. The bigger the amount of points you buy, the bigger the discount! For example, 250 points = $3, but 850 points = $10
  5. Purchase your deck, and it's added under your "library" tab

Using a FREE account for your students during Distance Learning:

Once you’re logged into your Boom teacher account, go to “Library,” and find the deck you want students to use. Click "Action," and click on “FastPin. Select “Generate New Pin." Now, you can copy and paste the complete link for students to play. Send to a parent via email, text, or messaging. No need for parents to even create an account! They can play on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Important: A pin is valid for 5 days. After the 5 days are up, you can absolutely still access the cards, but you’ll need to generate a new pin for students to use.

Organizing your decks: 

I love organizing my decks by goal areas! Then I know exactly which ones I can use for which student. It's easy! In your library, on the far top left, it says, "Folders." Just simply create a new folder (click the blue button: +New Folder) and type something like Phonological Processes. Now, just simply drag each deck into the folders to sort your decks. The folder mark "Unfoldered" holds all the decks you haven't sorted yet (you can also put each deck into more than one folder!). This really helps me when I'm prepping for a session, and also to help remind which decks I own.


More questions?? 

Boom Learning has created a YouTube channel with a lot of helpful tutorials to get you started. 

Send me a message if I can help you navigate the use of Boom Cards. Have fun!


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