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    Zoom for Parents: A Quick-Start Guide

    Zoom for Parents: A Quick-Start Guide

    1 minute read

    Zoom for Teletherapy.

    I'm seeing it everywhere. 

    Literally. Everywhere.

    But has anyone else noticed that Zoom has quite the learning curve? (I can say this in confidence after trialing it with both my older sister, and my mother, lol).

    I created a quick Cheat Sheet that SLPs/teachers can share with parents to help get them set up prior to the actual meeting. I tried to keep things simple for parents. Remind them to find which device their using first, because that will help them know how to set up zoom appropriately (i.e. via iOS, android, a web browser, etc.). 

    You can do a direct download with this file and email/print to share with parents. 

    Good luck Zoomin'!




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