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    Teletherapy Website Roundup

    Teletherapy Website Roundup

    1 minute read

    I'm so excited to share some of my favorite free teletherapy websites with you that I've been LOVING in speech therapy!

    This list may only be four pages, but she is MIGHTY. These are all websites I've been using and trialing for you for the last 4 weeks. If I tried something and didn't find it useful, it's not on the list! 

    I hope this serves to make your busy SLP life a little easier, especially as we wrap up the school year. Share this blog post with fellow SLPs to spread the wealth!

    **TIP** I like to keep this document open on my computer during my sessions so that I can simply pull it up to click and go. Bookmark it so you always have it ready!

    Leave a comment with YOUR favorite site for teletherapy so I can add it to our list!




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