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    Teletherapy Lesson Plans: Part Two

    Teletherapy Lesson Plans: Part Two

    6 minute read

    I'm back with more teletherapy lesson plans for you!


    (Did you read PART ONE yet?? Check it out HERE)

    Why Themes in Teletherapy???

    Last week, I used a farming theme for the week, especially with my littles. Why?? This helped SO MUCH because I was able to give parents tons of ideas to use while they played with theme related toys all week (farming theme = toy suggestions such as farm animals, barn sets, and tractors). It helped the parent feel confident walking away from our sessions with 2-3 opportunities they could use in the week to help with speech and language goals.


    Click here to grab some super simple handouts that you could share with parents for more play-based therapy ideas!

    This week's theme...


    (Have you grabbed my Speech Rules poster yet? Use this if you're just starting out with teletherapy to talk about how our rules are a little different right now!).

    Getting Started

    We'll start out our sessions this week with a Spring-related show and tell. I've already told all of my students and parents to arrive to therapy with something makes them think of Spring. I myself will be showing up to each session in big goofy sunglasses, because Springtime in Georgia means that that sun is SHINING! (It'll also receive a lot of good silly reactions to get our session started on the right foot).



    I'll be using this incredible freebie from Panda Speech so that we can extend our show-and-tell activity! This freebie will give my students tons of opportunities for describing, and relating the item (no matter what it is!) to speech goals. I'll simply screen share this document and annotate as we go through each part.


    After that, I've split my lesson depending on the grade/skill level.


    For all grade levels, I'll be using my Spring Themed Unit because it covers SO MANY goals!


    PreK, Kinder, Self-Contained:


    Book: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog (YouTube Read Aloud)


    Activity One for Vocabulary and WH Questions: 

    Old Lady Story Map for coloring (included in my thematic spring unit!). I'll simply screen share the coloring sheet and student's can annotate/color right on the screen. If the student doesn't have that capability, I'll have them tell me what to color and with what color. We can also make sentences using the sentence visual as we color!


    Activity Two for expanding MLU, following directions, vocabulary, and spatial concepts:

    "In the Garden" Picture Scene (included in the Spring unit). I'll be using this "scene" to find some objects from our story. Then, we can give each other directions, work on describing, and so much more! (I'll be using the annotate feature to draw, circle, and stamp).

    Activity Three for pronouns, expanding utterances, and verbs: 

    Springtime Verbs (included in the Spring unit) are great for creating sentences related to springtime. I'll give the student control using annotate so that they can color the pictures as we talk about each verb. For my students who can't take over control, they'll give ME the direction for coloring!


    Want a FREE BOOM CARD book companion deck for this springtime Old Lady book? Click here!

    Need to engage the little ones with more than just coloring??
    Pull out your springtime sensory bins! We can still work on vocabulary and describing even through THEM watching ME! I'll be hiding my mini erasers and mini items inside plastic eggs, which I'll hide in my Easter egg grass sensory bins (it's okay that it seems Easter-themed, the kids still get a kick out of me finding an egg and opening it up. I use this trick all year long, not just at Easter!). 
    We can work on describing, categorizing, labeling... or even just use it for fun to grab their attention!
    Grades first to third:
    My first through third graders will be using my Busy Homework Pages to work on articulation and language! These are great because I can screen share the pages with my student so that they can write and draw right on each page as we practice goals. The best part is that parents can hear and see the strategies we use when practicing during teletherapy, and I can easily send the pages right to the parent after speech so that they can confidently practice at home.
    Book: "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson (YouTube read aloud) 
    I chose this book this week because next week we'll be reading "Bear Wants More." Then, we can compare and contrast the two stories! 
    I'll be doing comprehension checks using these amazing Google forms from Amanda at A Perfect Blend! If we run out of time, I can simply send the google form to parents to complete with students. And I can check their answers! *cue the heart eyes* I'm so excited to use them. Grab Amanda's google form book companions here! 
    Grades fourth to fifth:
    Last week, while reading through some grade level articles, I noticed some of my kids struggling with utilizing context clues to determine meaning of unknown words. We've been practicing this skill all year, so I'm pulling out some familiar context clues cards to keep reinforcing our strategy. I can have the student annotate on each card to circle the answers! These are also common core aligned with grade level curriculum. 
    There's even a graphic organizer you could type in, and really solidify some of those common core vocabulary terms!
    Check out this website that I love using for typing, highlight, and writing on PDF documents! It's called Kami. I'm loving it for teletherapy!
    Open-Ended Activities:
    This amazing schedule freebie from Kristin at KI Speech Therapy. I'm loving this to help keep my students (and parents!) on track for each session. Click here to download! 
    Here are some of my favorite open-ended websites I've been using kiddos:
    Open-Ended Spinner (go into option to change noise settings) 
    Google Jamboard (great for drawing, writing, typing. You can even insert images. Great for using real-life photos you can find on the web and make inferences, describe, and more!)
    Fun with Spot (free activities to go with the Where's Spot? books, but can be used as a standalone game for reinforcement. I'll be using it at the end of my session if we have a few minutes with my preschoolers!)
    I hope this has helped bring a few fresh ideas to your distance learning.
    Happy speech-ing (from afar!)

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