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    St. Patrick's Day Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy!

    St. Patrick's Day Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy!

    3 minute read

    St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    I love celebrating holidays with my students in my speech therapy sessions and St. Patrick's Day is NO DIFFERENT! I love using fun resources, crafts, and playing games with my students all while incorporating their targets and focuses.  

    If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I have loads of resources and worksheets you can use in your sessions to make things more fun! I hope you love these lesson plans as much as I do! 

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    Book Favorites

    There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover (PK-2)

    Pete the Cat: The Great Leprechaun (K-2)

    How to Catch A Leprechaun (K-4)

    The Night Before St. Patrick's Day (PK-2)

    Ten Luck Leprechauns (PK-K)

    Sensory Play

    St Patricks Day Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Here's some sensory bin filler ideas for St. Patrick's Day!

    -green ribbon

    -green Easter grass

    -dyed rice

    -bunch of gold coins

    -mini erasers

    -shamrock confetti

    -mini cauldrons

    -leprechaun picture

    Hide the leprechaun picture in the sensory bin and use tongs or hands to find him! Target core vocabulary and following directions to find the trickster. 

    Play Based Activities

    Hide Shamrocks Around the Room: Cut out pictures of shamrocks and hide them around the room before your therapy session starts. Find them using a flashlight while giving students directions on where to look. You can also have your students give you directions and hide shamrocks too. While searching, practice the target "where" and spatial sequencing and order of events! You can put St. Patrick's themed vocab on the shamrocks for additional practice.

    Leprechaun Trap: Grab a bunch of random materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, sticks, pipe cleaners, etc. Then, use them to create a leprechaun trap with your students! While building it, practice descriptive speech to describe how you are making it and it's different parts. This is a great way to target descriptive language, spatial awareness, and sequential order.

    Simple Craft

    St Patricks Day Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Create a Cereal Rainbow: Use any rainbow-colored cereal and glue to create a rainbow! If you don't want to use cereal, use small pieces of paper. For additional fine motor practice, have students rip pieces of paper themselves. Get extra speech trials by earning a piece of cereal for every few productions! 

    Hands-On Activities


    St. Patrick's Day Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy!

    This website has so many different St. Patrick's themed games and this one is a personal favorite! It can be played during individual or group therapy sessions. Take turns choosing where to "look" for leprechauns. You can find the game here so you can play it with your students!


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