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    Speech Therapy Apps: A Helpful Guide for SLPs

    Speech Therapy Apps: A Helpful Guide for SLPs

    2 minute read

    With trends in distance learning, it's important to help parent's feel supported, but not overwhelmed, with speech therapy. How many worksheets are too many? How many videos is too much? Balance things out with some top speech therapy apps that are easy to use at home!

    I've rounded up some of my favorite apps to use in therapy that have the added benefit of being user friendly for at-home practice! I've also taken some of the grunt work out of it by adding parent-friendly descriptions with each app. 

    Sound like something that could benefit you? Be sure to keep reading in order to use your freebie to its fullest potential!



    When using your freebie, it'll prompt you to make a copy in Google Slides. This way, you're able to EDIT this document specifically for each of your students! 


    Tip: Make MULTIPLE copies of the original document. Think of each copy as one student. You can then simply share the google slide link with each parent as needed. 


    To Edit: When in Google Slides, just simply add a text box on the first and/or last page slides to type into each gray box. Here is the symbol for adding a text box: 

    Now you're ready to add your student's goals, your own tips, and your own favorite app! You can also scroll to the very end of the document and add your OWN recommended apps for any skill you'd like to target! 
    As always, reach out to me with any questions or troubleshooting! 
    "App"-y Speeching (lol I couldn't help myself)


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