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    Rainbow Cart Storage Hack for SLPs (+ free labels!)

    Rainbow Cart Storage Hack for SLPs (+ free labels!)

    3 minute read

    Helllloooo gorgeous rainbow cart from Michael's.... *heart eyes*
    I spent 2 years with this beautiful cart just floating around my therapy room, collecting random worksheets and files. Sound familiar?

    And then I saw a few ideas over on Pinterest for how to make this cart actually FUNCTIONAL (not my strong suit as a very Type B SLP).
    I started simply organizing the drawers by different goal areas.
    Personally, I'm a themed-therapy SLP through and through. I have large totes organized by seasons, and I store all my favorite themed materials (apples, ice cream, camping, garden) by season into my totes. But that left kind of a mess of items that didn't fit into themes, but also didn't fit into my game area, nor the assessment section of my room, and would end up getting VERY lost in the shuffle of things.
    As soon as I started storing those miscellaneous items by goal area into each drawer of the rainbow cart, I felt like a true Type A SLP (lol..."felt").
    Quick Tips:
    -Keep the rainbow cart in easy reach. I keep mine right next to my table (and honestly, it'll hold up better the less you roll it around. I'm coming up to year 3 with mine and it still stands straight as a soldier).
    -Store items that can be easily pulled out for games or to accompany your themed therapy ideas. I can pull out WH Question cards from my rainbow cart as we are working through our Apple game during Apple week in the fall, or sentence strip visuals for grammar as we go on a hunt for items in my beach-themed sensory bin.
    -Use mesh pouches or clear pencil cases to store cards/visuals within each drawer. I noticed that the more I can SEE something, the more I use it. I've cut back on a lot of unnecessary material now that I can physically see and grab the items organized in the cart. Less material to organize = a happier Type B SLP
    Do you own a rainbow cart yet? Mine is from Michael's (non-affiliate link).
    Annnd... I have FREE editable labels for you. Simply choose direct download, and open in adobe reader (free). You can edit with your own options for your drawers!

    You may also like my themed book bin labels!
    Happy organizing!


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