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    Pirate Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Pirate Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    4 minute read


    Pirate Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Pirate Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    SHIVER ME TIMBERS!! International Talk Like A Pirate Day is Sunday, September 19, 2021, so what better time to incorporate a Pirate Theme into your therapy?! Here are my favorite games, activities, books, resources and more for a Pirate theme in Speech Therapy!


    Go On A Treasure Hunt!


    You can target SO many goals with a treasure hunt!! Check out some ways to incorporate this kind of activity into your pirate theme!


    Gold Treasure Hunt

    Get creative! Hide plastic gold coins around your speech room and have your students search for the coins using a spyglass! You check out my Amazon storefront HERE for pirate prop recommendations OR you can use items you already have!! Cut out circles from yellow construction paper and laminate them to make them durable gold coins you can use for future school years! Use a paper towel roll as the spy glass and have a great time!! Every time your student finds a gold coin, target as many trials of a skill as possible!


    Artic Card Treasure Hunt

    Instead of gold coins, hide articulation cards or any other target cards around the speech room. Use the spyglass or get silly with your students and have them say their target word with a pirate accent! ARGH!


    Sensory Bin Treasure Hunt

    Fill a box (or pirate treasure box if you have one!) with gold coins. Stick sensory bin pieces (like in my Ultimate Fall Thematic Unit) or vocab pics in the gold to see if your students can find the hidden treasure!


    More Games and Activities


    Why stop at only treasure hunts? Here are some of my favorite pirate themed games and activities!


    Pirate Treasure Sorting Surprise Game

    I shared over the summer on my Insta about this amazing new toy I found on Amazon and all the different ways to use this in therapy! This game includes mini treasure chests with corresponding numbers, colors, shapes, and keys to open them!


    Have a pre-K caseload? Target those matching skills, color/number/shape ID, and requesting skills! Unlock and have fun labeling and describing!!


    Have an elementary caseload? Use the colored coins to maximize trials!! Use articulation worksheets and cover artic pictures with the coins. Collect each coin for more trials before putting them into the treasure bins. Unlock and have fun!


    Hide ANY mini object inside! Use this game multiple times to keep your students engaged and wondering what’s inside!


    Hide the keys and coins in a sensory bin. Hide the keys around the room but don’t let others see! Work on describing and following directions!



    Pop Up Pirate

    Every child loves the anticipation of this popping pirate game! Target articulation trials, core vocab (e.g, put, take, in out, push, pull, etc!), verb tenses and grammar (e.g., I am taking a yellow sword. I took the yellow sword.), and following directions!


    Check out my Amazon storefront HERE for links to these products!


    Craft: FREEBIE!


    Click HERE to grab my TpT Articulation Pirate Beard craft! Use it for articulation practice and/or wear it during book reading to act out pirate characters and scenes!




    How I Became A Pirate: My students love this book! Check out my digital book companion HERE!


    Pirates Don’t Change Diapers


    Do Pirates Take Baths?


    There Was An Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map


    The Pirates Next Door







    Pirate Categories


    Let’s Be Pirates Open Ended Game


    Pirate Adventure Worksheet


    Pirate Reward Tags


    Pop Up Companion AAC Core Board





    Hide and Seek: /R/


    Which One Doesn’t Belong: Pirates


    Expanding Utterances with Pirates


    Pirates of the Preposition


    Talk Like A Pirate: /AR/



    Featured Product


    Click HERE to grab my ULTIMATE THEMATIC FALL UNIT. This huge download includes a unit on PIRATES!


    Grab more ideas in my Free Lesson Plans here


    Enjoy these ideas from my therapy to yours!

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