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    How I Adapt One Speech Therapy Item for TONS of Activities

    How I Adapt One Speech Therapy Item for TONS of Activities

    3 minute read

    How I Adapt One Speech Therapy Item for TONS of Activities!

    Hello and Happy March, friend! I've been in the middle of a crazy, unsuspected move out of our apartment, progress reports around the corner, lots of annual reviews, and counting down the [many] days until Spring Break!

    If you're just trying to stay afloat like I am, I wanted to share some simple tips on how I use one of my favorite resources every single day!

    You know I like to adapt what I have, on the go, in order to make my life just a little bit easier.

    This 👇🏼 is the resource we'll be chatting about! 

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    Of course you can utilize this resource in its INTENDED way, which is to have alllll your goal strips ready for ANY single themed worksheet. Grab the targets you need, glue to the bottom, practice, and send home! It's perfect for mixed groups because it covers over 40 goals AND over 40 themes. I use this alongside all my favorite themed books, toys, games, and materials.

    But I also love using this product a little more unconventionally, too!

    Here's some quick snaps from my therapy sessions! I had the full sheet printed, and we tossed our gold pieces from on top of the images. We took a piece of gold, and had to say the word underneath 5x (this student is working on decreasing fronting). We'd place the gold game piece in the snakes belly and *HOPE* he didn't "bite" us. When we finished filling his belly, we'd get MORE trials in by placing the gold back ON the targets after we stole them!

    All in all, we got over 50 trials in 15 minutes!

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    Here is the same concept, but instead of printing, I pulled the targets up on my iPad on my "MarkUp" app (free!) and zoomed in on our words. We placed our on the iPad and got tons of trials in!

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    Last week, during our dino theme, I cut the targets up and hid them in our "Dinosaur Eggs"! I then hid the eggs in our Critter Clinic for us to search and find. We got SO MUCH final consonant deletion practice using this setup!! Every single student LOVED opening the doors to find the crazy dino eggs, and then seeing what they would each "hatch" (eggs are from Dollar Tree!)

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    You can also just simply toss your mini erasers or mini objects on the target sheets to get some bonus hands-on practice. This student was making play-doh gingerbread men, so we practiced our words as we placed our mini erasers on top, and then again when she used them on her gingerbread man! 

    Lastly... if you have some simple crafts that could use some picture targets? Just quickly cut up the pieces into strips or squares, and they now go along with ANY single resource or craft!

    I hope these quick, simple ideas were helpful! I love taking ONE item and making it super versatile for all my toys, products, and games.

    Let me know if I missed any great ideas for using my Yearlong Worksheets!

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