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    Gingerbread Speech Therapy Plans

    Gingerbread Speech Therapy Plans

    4 minute read

    Gingerbread Plans for Speech Therapy

    gingerbread on a plate
    I have some quick tips for using a Gingerbread Theme in speech therapy this winter! I love using this theme a few weeks before we break out the Christmas theme, and/or as an alternate theme from Christmas for my kiddos who don't celebrate. I'm so excited to share my Gingerbread Speech Therapy Plans with you!
    A Gingerbread theme is great for incorporating social skills, movement, describing, compare/contrast, sequencing, and oral retell for stories such as "The Gingerbread Man"!
    Here are some of my absolute favorite Gingerbread books for speech therapy, by grade level (links to read aloud)

    The Gingerbread Family PK

    Maisy Makes Gingerbread PK

    Ten Gingerbread Men PK

    Gingerbread Mouse pk-1

    Gingerbread Cowboy 1-2

    Gingerbread Baby 1-3

    Gingerbread Friends 1-2

    The Gingerbread Bear 1-3

    maisy gingerbread book

    "Maisy Makes Gingerbread" by Lucy Cousins is my favorite Gingerbread book for my preschool age group! It targets sequencing for making gingerbread, with great simple visuals for talking about the steps from start to finish!

    This books pairs really well with my Gingerbread Activities Boom Cards! One of the many activities in the Boom deck includes sequencing the steps for making gingerbread men cookies through a "play based" activity!

    boom cards for gingerbread

    Want to see a closer look at how I utilize these together in therapy??

    Watch my YouTube video walk-through here!

    I also LOVE using a gingerbread theme for movement breaks! Making gingerbread cookies creates lots of opportunities for movement: stir, mix, scoop, bake, bite, give, bake, frost, decorate, eat, etc!

    My Gingerbread boom deck also gives opportunities for movement with these hide and find men under the gumdrops!

    gingerbread on ipad game

    Wondering how to incorporate movement into your teletherapy sessions? Here's an overview of how I run my session!

    1: Quickly review goal(s)/Previous session (I do this every session so my kiddos understand/remember WHY we have speech).

    2: Gingerbread books with visual supports or an engaging Gingerbread activity (i.e. green screen, play-doh gingerbread men using dough and cookie cutters, or a quick gingerbread man craft: they can tell you what to do on YOUR end in case they don't have the materials for a craft!)

    3: Movement break using Gingerbread themed action words (I've included these in my new boom deck for you!... There's so many great vocab words to practice! We also use this time for following 1-2 step directions).

    4: Target skill / drill work within myGingerbread Boom deck using an activity of MY choice.

    5: Reinforcement activity of THEIR choice (check out my lesson plans for some fun free websites I found that my kids are loving!)

    We keep things SIMPLE! For my really busy little ones, we usually add in one more movement break in the middle of our story. Don’t overlook the amount of goals you can target using movement breaks!! 

    Here are some other videos for movement breaks with the Gingerbread theme:

    Gingerbread rhyme with actions (watch before you have therapy! Love this!)**

    Gingerbread man song

    Five gingerbread men

    Gingerbread man freeze

    Gingerbread man recipe

    How to draw a gingerbread man (older students)

    gingerbread man book on computer

    If you're wondering how to utilize this theme with your older elementary students, I love using the book "Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett! It's GREAT for wh questions, oral narration, retell, and grammar! 

    I especially love using this book for comparing to "The Gingerbread Man" with my older students. I have them fill out Venn Diagram's for each story, and we compare/contrast characters, plot, and how each story is resolved. It's always really fun, especially when we end with a Gingerbread cookie decorating day!

    We always use my Gingerbread Baby Digital Book Companion because it covers every goal on my caseload!

    Hopefully these ideas make your gingerbread planning a little bit easier!

    Want these in a clickable PDF to save for later?

    Grab them here!


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