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    Following Directions in Teletherapy

    Following Directions in Teletherapy

    2 minute read

    I recently shared that I have been STRUGGLING to figure out how to work on following directions with kiddos who can’t take screen control in Teletherapy 🥴
    So....I did the smart thing any COVID SLP in 2020 would do— asked the ‘gram 😂
    AND WOW......YALL CAME THROUGH!! Look below, because I'm sharing allllll the amazing ideas I received from all of you! (And save this post so you can come back to it when needed!)
    Here’s what I tried out in my own virtual sessions:
    1️⃣ I asked mom what small toys my student had at home that he loved, and she said “he loves his pretend kitchen, and ALL his toy cars!”
    2️⃣ I then pulled out what I had that was similar (see above photo)
    3️⃣ We started by pulling items out of my “magic box” (with SO much excitement!)
    4️⃣ When I’d pull out an item, I’d say “okay freeze!!” (I used this to gain full attention)
    5️⃣ He’d stop and, anticipating my next response, have eyes and ears fully on me
    6️⃣ Very slowly, I’d give him my direction. I combined movement + the item we pulled from the box. It went something like: “Clap your hands 2 times, then go find YOUR police car!” (We’ve been practicing the strategy of repeating the direction after I say it, so he would say the direction back to me and then begin.)
    ...and it’s working!!!! AND mom is getting to watch our strategy to practice at home during times of his day that he struggles with (schoolwork, chores).
    I hope my own suggestions help, and if not, I've included all the amazing suggestions I received from my incredibly creative IG followers. My advice for sifting through all the info, is to take some ideas that work for YOU and YOUR caseload, and do some trial and error. See what works and what doesn't. You can also read one of my favorite blog posts on this topic from Hallie at Speech Time Fun. Check it out here.
    Read the suggestions from my followers HERE.

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