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    Dinosaur Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Dinosaur Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    5 minute read

    Dinosaur Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Dinosaur Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy


    In the eyes of a child, is there anything COOLER than dinosaurs?! We all have had at least one student who can rattle off facts left and right about dinosaurs that we have never even heard of or not even going to try pronouncing! Whether your students are young or older, a Dinosaur theme can interest a variety of age groups! Here are my favorite resources, activities, and books for a Dinosaur theme in Speech Therapy!

    *Cue Jurassic Park theme music*


    Games and Activities


    Matching Games: Click HERE for a Jurassic World Matching Game on Amazon. Use this classic matching game in conjunction with any speech/language goal! Perfect for mixed groups!


    Hide and Seek: There’s a dino in the speech room!! For your younger students, have your student pretend to be a dinosaur and hide somewhere in your office. Go on a hunt for the dinosaur (act it out with binoculars if have them!).


    Sensory Play: Stick little dinosaur figurines into kinetic sand for a fun sensory bin idea! Use plastic shovels to dig up the dinosaurs or pretend to find fossils!

    Check out more toys and games at my Amazon storefront HERE!




    How To Catch a Dinosaur 

    Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble!

    Tiny T Rex and the Impossible Hug

    How Do Dinosaurs…Series

    How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad?

    How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?

    How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?

    I'm A Dirty Dinosaur


    There are so many more in this series- check them out HERE at my Amazon Storefront.


    Extension Activity

    I simply stuck my Dino pages from my Yearlong Worksheets in a page protector, and grabbed my expo markers and spray! Every page of the book has a different body part that the Dino gets alllll yucky and dirty, so we'd get our own dino "dirty," too! Then, at the end of the story when the dino takes a bath, we'd give our own dino a "bath" with our expo spray and cloth. EVERY student has LOVED THIS activity!

     After our activity, we grab our speech targets to paste at the bottom, practice, and send home. I added a note about the book for carryover, too!

    (Psst... This book is also great for body/animal parts!)

    Other ideas:

    -Grab your dino toys, and use play-doh as your "dirt" as you read!

    -Grab chocolate pudding, and use as finger paint on a printed dino picture (this one sounds silly, but HOW ENGAGING would this be!)

    -Grab chocolate pudding, and use it on your dino toys. Give them a water bath afterwards!

    Here's the read aloud on YouTube if you don't own the book!

    MORE CRAFTS: Click HERE to check out this website from Kids Activities Blog (non-affiliate link) that has a TON of Dinosaur crafts that are perfect for tying into the theme!

    Play Based Activities: 

    Dinosaur Feet: Print out some google images of dinosaur foot prints! Talk about the different sizes and shapes. You could even trace your own foot to compare! Now, it's time to see where the dino went. Give directions to make the steps go different places around your therapy room. What's hiding where the footprints end?! (I usually hide our dino toys or eggs around the room!)

    Dinosaur Paint: Dip your dinosaur feet in paint and make some art! Draw trees, rocks, grass, and water. Where are they headed?! Send artwork home for carryover!

    You can find and purchase this kit on Amazon to become paleontologists with your students! Use the kit to simulation an excavation. While doing your dino dig, you can practice things like waiting, following directions, and using creative language. The more imaginative you can get with this activity, the better!

    : Use this fun toy kit to help your students practice fine motor skills! This toy set is great for your younger SLP learners and can be used to with older learns by focusing on following directions, articulation, and core vocabulary.

    Sensory Bin

    Here's some sensory bin filler ideas to use with your dino toys!

    -brown beans for dirt

    -green play dough

    -plastic toy dinosaurs

    -plastic eggs

    -small paint brushes

    You can also add: plastic leaves, small rocks, blue beads for water, or small play shovels to simulate being on an archeological dig!



    Dino /K/ Articulation Sensory Bin Pieces

    Dinos: Simple Nonfiction Story

    Dinosaur Send Home Language Unit

    Jurassic Speech Artic Worksheet

    Dinosaur Voice: Visuals to Help With Intelligibility Wearing Masks



    Core Deck: MY

    Dino: Search and Say /g/

    Following Directions with Dinosaurs

    Artic Riddles: Initial /r/

    FCD: Dino Egg

    Irregular Past Tense Verb: Grandma Dino BDay Party



    Grab more ideas in my Free Lesson Plans here! 


    Check out more Dinosaur themed books, toys and games at my Amazon storefront HERE!


    Enjoy these ideas from my therapy to yours!

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