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    Camping Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Camping Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    3 minute read

    Camping Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy!

    Camping Themed Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    A camping theme means it's a sure sign of summer around the corner! I collaborated with Kelly on from @thumbbunnyspeech on Instagram to make these easy camping themed lesson plans for speech therapy which I share these to my page too.

    Please note that links marked with an * are affiliate links and if you purchase through them, I will make a small commission from your purchase. I appreciate your support of my small business by shopping any links I share!

    Book Favorites

    Click each link to bring you to a read aloud version!

    Maisy Goes Camping (PK)

    A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee (K-4)

    A Campfire Tail (PK+)

    The Camping Trip (PK-2)

    Pete The Cat Goes Camping (PK-3)

    Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping (PK-3)

    Biscuit Goes Camping (PK-3)

    Fatima's Great Outdoors (PK-3)

    Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping (K-3)

    Book Extension Activities

    Check out my no print book companion for this adorable book A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Duesen. This book companion targets a wide variety of language, vocabulary, and grammar goals. Perfect for mixed groups!

    Sensory Play

    Make a s'more sensory bin!

    -Cut cardboard pieces into squares for the graham crackers

    -Use cotton balls for marshmallows

    -Toss in brown felt for the chocolate pieces

    -Add a few sticks from outside

    -Have fun! Target describing skills, sequencing, and vocabulary!

    Play-Based Activities

    • Camping Playset*: This set is from Learning Resources and can be found on Amazon at the link. Pretend you are packing for a camping trip! What do you need? Target vocabulary and sequencing skills, then have fun on your "campsite"!
    • Little People*: These sets are always a hit! Target concepts, actions, prepositions, following directions, and vocabulary. Talk about what your camper needs to start a fire, then have your camper roast a marshmallow. When you camper is tired, tell a campfire story to help your camper go to sleep.


    Make a handprint campfire craft!

    -Print or draw 3 logs onto brown paper and cut out

    -Have students trace their hands on red, orange, and yellow paper and cut out

    -Glue pieces together

    -Add articulation/language targets for extra practice!

    Freebies/Resources/Boom Cards

    Themed Carryover Sheets (Type B SLP)

    Themed Therapy No Prep Worksheets Bundle (Type B SLP) 

    Ultimate Thematic Camping Unit (Type B SLP)

    Camping Dough Boom Cards (Thumb Bunny Speech)

    Camper and Tent Craftivity (Thumb Bunny Speech)

    Camping Themed Mini Unit (FREE)

    Camping Seeking Activity (FREE)

    Camping Following Directions (FREE)​

    Grammar Camp (FREE)

    Camping Clues- Early Inferencing (FREE)

    Hide and Seek Speech /ch/ Boom Cards (FREE)

    Camping Fun: Interactive Story Sample Boom Cards (FREE)

    SHOP all my recommendations here on my Amazon Storefront*!

    Enjoy these ideas from my therapy to yours!

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