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    Apple Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Apple Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    4 minute read

    Apple Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy

    Apple Lesson Plans for Speech Therapy


    There’s no better theme than APPLES to transition back to school and signify the change of the seasons! Keep reading for all of my favorite Apple Speech Therapy ideas, products, games, and activities!!


    CRAFT SPOTLIGHT: Popsicle Stick Art!

    popsicle stick craft

    Click HERE for my Fall Popsicle Stick Art for Speech Therapy and Fine Motor Practice available in my TpT store!

    Students earn popsicle sticks by practicing their speech sounds or language targets to build an image!

    Great for incorporating both fine motor and visual spatial skills into therapy!

    Multiple visual and sentence strips are also included in this produce to utilize while building and practicing!

    Targets included: phonological processes, articulation, AND language goals!


    Crafts w/ TP!


    Here are my fave apple themed crafts using toilet paper rolls (from the Crafty Morning)!


    Stamp Craft (Click HERE)


    Materials Needed:

    Brown, green, red paint


    Toilet paper roll





    Create two indents in a TP roll: one on top and one on the bottom (to be shaped like an apple). Put two pieces of tape around the TP roll so the indents stay in place.

    Draw a tree branch on the page and paint the branch with brown paint (or color in with brown markers)

    Dip the TP roll into red paint and stamp it under the tree branch.

    Fill in the apples with a paintbrush + paint or color them in with markers! Draw and color some leaves and stems!


    Apple Craft (Click HERE)


    Materials Needed:

    Red, green, and brown construction paper

    Toilet paper roll





    Cut strips of red construction paper

    Place a piece of tape on each end of the red strip of paper and stick one end on the inside the top of TP roll and one end on the bottom of the TP roll. Make sure one side is flat so that the apple can stand up on its own

    Add more strips of red paper to fill in the apple

    Cut a brown stem and a green leaf and attach onto the back of the apple inside. Enjoy your cute apple craft!!



    Apples to Apples Junior: Who doesn’t love Apples to Apples?! The junior version of this game is great for targeting categories, associations and reasoning skills!   

    Hi! Ho! Cherry-O!: This classic game is perfect to pair with any speech goal. (Yes, they are actually cherries LOL but they’ll remind everyone in the group of mini apples!)

    Bubble Poppers: Use an apple shaped bubble popper to get lots of articulation trials (or to target any goal!) 

    Check out my Amazon storefront HERE for a link to ALL my favorite apple themed toys and games, such as the ones named above!



    Sensory Bin: Fill a bin with black beans or beads to make it look like dirt and add little apple-shaped erasers/apple toys/apple pictures/etc. Target fine motor practice by having your students pick up the apples with a pair of tongs and place them in a "tree". You can draw a tree on a piece of paper or with dry-erase markers right on the table as pictured above!


    Virtual Field Trip: Click on the link HERE to go on a virtual field trip to an apple orchard and talk about what you see!





    Apples and Pumpkins


    Ten Red Apples

    Grab my FREE book companion here!


    Apple Trouble


    The Apple Tree Pie


    The Biggest Apple Ever







    Apple Themed Vocab and Grammar Worksheets (perfect for older students!)


    Apple Craftivity


    Auditory Apples


    Apple Following Directions


    Apple Adjectives





    Apple Orchard Field Trip


    Fall Themed 50 Trials


    Apple Picking Basic Concepts


    Apple Color Sorting




    Here are some of my favorite Apple themed products available in my shop!


    Ultimate Fall Thematic Unit (includes unit on APPLES!)

     Ultimate Fall Themed Unit for Distance Learning 

    Apple Orchard Headbands Craft

    Quick Prep Book Companions for Fall


    Grab more ideas in my Free Lesson Plans here! 


    Check out my Amazon storefront HERE for a link to ALL my favorite apple themed toys, games, books, and more!


    Enjoy these ideas from my therapy to yours!

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