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    5 Must Have Items for School Based SLPs

    5 Must Have Items for School Based SLPs

    4 minute read

    5 Must Haves For School Based SLPs

    Hey school based SLPs! 👋 Having a hard time consolidating your speech therapy materials? In need of therapy materials that cover a variety of goals for your mixed groups? Or maybe you're a new grad looking for inspo when building your therapy collection? Check out my list of 5 must haves for school based SLPs to help you do just that!

    Sentence Strip Visual Supports

    5 must haves

    Visual supports are SO important for targeting a variety of goals with our school-aged population! These supports can help increase MLU, describing skills, grammar, syntax, articulation, and so much more. (Perfect for mixed groups!!) Visual supports, like my best-selling Sentence Strip Visuals for Speech Therapy, are ideal for the traveling SLP and can replace all other visuals in your speech bag! Because the school-aged population covers a big age range, these visuals are scaffolded (and editable!) to fit the individual needs of your students. You only have to prep once and they can be used alongside ANY activity, book, craft, and resource! (This bundle even comes in a Spanish version!) If you are looking for visuals specific for describing, my Visual Support Strips for Categories and Describing, are perfect add-ons to my sentence strips! These visual supports are truly a life saver!

    Themed Books 

    preschool speech therapy

    Speech and language skills are the foundational skills of learning to read. SLPs can play a HUGE role in promoting literacy with our school-aged students! Wondering where to begin with literacy based therapy? Themed books are a great place to start!! Themed books can enhance a child's vocabulary, provide context for understanding new content and build strong background knowledge. You can target phonological skills, comprehension, speech sounds, and apraxia goals and more with vocabulary found in themed books. 

    In need of ideas for themed books? Check out my amazon storefront for book lists organized by theme!

    Digital Book Companions

    school based SLPs

    Incorporating themed books into your therapy can be super easy! Pair your favorite read aloud books with already-prepped book companion activities that can target vocabulary & categories, comprehension questions, social skills, language & grammar concepts, and so much more! 

    Try my themed Digital Book Companions including 12 NO PREP book companions right at your fingertips! It includes Common Core aligned skills that are perfect for data tracking for your school-aged students! You can pull up all of the targets right on a tablet for push-in and/or pull-out therapy sessions!

    High Frequency Articulation Cards

    School based SLPs

    As a school based SLP, are you tired of drilling random speech words that have little to no meaning to your students, and aren't supporting generalization? My Real Life High Frequency Articulation Cards include functional targets that students will ACTUALLY encounter and use! This means they can easily be used alongside any game, toy or book where high frequency words would naturally occur! Need the targets ASAP? There's an option to open digitally too for the on-the-go SLP! 

    Real Life Minimal Pair Cards

    6 must haves

    Creating meaningful speech therapy activities is essential to foster carryover and generalization of skills for our school-aged students. Real life pictures are a GAME CHANGER in creating meaningful therapy, versus miscellaneous clipart and grainy images. Check out my Real Life Minimal Pairs Flashcards for a low prep option for ALL your phonological processes goals! They are easy to bring around for in-class therapy and/or pull-out therapy! Or, simply open them up on your tablet! They are great for the word, phrase, sentence and conversational levels! 

    I hope this blog post has given you inspiration for streamlining your school-aged speech therapy materials to service a wide variety of goals with our students!!

    Until next time!


    👉 Check out my Amazon page (affiliate) for themed book/toy ideas!

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