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    Boom Cards: Holiday Sentence Strips FREE SAMPLE

    Boom Cards: Holiday Sentence Strips FREE SAMPLE

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    Based on my BEST SELLER, these interactive Christmas/Hanukkah BOOM CARDS™ with sentence strips provide a motivating way for your students to practice a variety of language skills through fun, Christmas and Hanukkah themed activities. This product is extremely versatile, and will meet the needs of many language and/or articulation goals. Includes virtual sensory bins, picture scenes, dress-up, and virtual "hands on" activities to keep teletherapy fun and motivating.


    This product includes:

    -TONS of activities for MLU expansion, spatial concepts, following directions, pronouns, grammar, present progressive -ing, and so much more

    -Visual sentence strips of varying abilities associated with every activity

    -Visual strips for asking questions

    -Various describing visuals to increase describing skills and expressive language