Mega Language and Articulation Visuals for Speech Therapy

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These visual sentence strips for speech therapy include TONS of options to be used with ANY activity, book, craft, resource, etc! This product is extremely versatile, and will meet the needs of any language and/or articulation goal. Simply print, laminate, and attach to a binder ring. Also includes 4x6 task box cards to use with photo boxes for on the go therapy!


This product includes:

-Editable core boards using Fitzgerald key color coding & direction for editing with your own images

-Editable sentence strips to create endless personalization for your students. Use real life images, or images of your student or from the student's environments to make more meaningful

-Over 30 Visual sentence strips of varying abilities

-Articulation Visuals for each phoneme

-Visual strips for asking questions

-Various describing visuals to increase describing skills and expressive language, including sizes, color/shape, spatial concepts, categories, wh questions, verbs, parts of speech, and more!

-Large core vocabulary cards/posters

-Task Box Sizes available for on the go therapy!



Included in the expansion pack:

-Scaffolded sentence strips

-TONS of larger visuals to use with sentence strips (concepts, prepositions, etc)

-Animal visuals, people visuals (all to be used with sentence strips)

-Thematic nouns (seasonal vocabulary card) to be used with the sentence strips


These visuals are also part of my Ultimate Thematic Units for Speech Therapy (both FALL and WINTER). Do not purchase this set if you already own my thematic unit(s)!

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