FREE SAMPLE Quick Prep Seasonal Book Companions for Speech Therapy: Mini Winter Sample

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Speech Therapy Book Companions! Now are GREAT for teletherapy and distance learning! Are you looking for some super simple, easy prep book companions for your little learners? These quick prep book companions are great for the busy SLP. They include Evidenced based practices and strategies for read alouds for young learners, presented with research based practices that are broken down for you. These are a great addition to your seasonal/thematic therapy! They also include BONUS visuals for retell, wh questions, and more.

Watch my YouTube video here for the digital component.


Storage ideas and uses also included for easy prep!

How do I use this in my therapy room??

I like to have the large hands on / full size book companion with me, and give each student the 4x6 task box size visuals/companion. This way, as I'm asking questions and using read aloud strategies, each student has the visual in front of them as reference. We can use the full-size hands on companions for play based therapy, and using the task box sized visual companions for extra support. Another option is for each student and therapist to each have a task box sized visual companion in front of them for extra support. I also use packaging tape, and tape each 4x6 visual companion into the cover of every accompanying book so that I ALWAYS have a visual with me no matter where I end up (i.e. a broom closet next to my preschool classroom!).


Seasonal Book Companion Bundle Includes:


Winter books included:


  • Old Lady Swallowed A Bell
  • Bear Stays Up for Christmas
  • Little Blue Truck’s Christmas
  • If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
  • Turkey Claus
  • The Polar Express
  • Gingerbread Baby
  • Snowmen at Christmas
  • Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?
  • The Littlest Elf

General Winter:

  • Cold Lady..Swallowed Some Snow
  • The Mitten
  • The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
  • Ten on the Sled
  • Sneezy the Snowman
  • Bear Snores On
  • Snowmen at Night
  • A Cozy Goodnight
  • Bear Can’t Sleep
  • A Loud Winter’s Nap
  • The Snowy Nap

Valentine's Day:

  • Old Lady Swallowed a Rose
  • The Night Before Valentine’s Day
  • The Kissing Hand
  • Hug Machine
  • The Perfect Hug
  • The Biggest Kiss
  • Hedgehugs

St. Patrick's Day:

  • Old Lady Swallowed a Clover
  • The Night Before St. Pat’s Day
  • Lucky Tucker
  • Good Luck Bear
  • Ten Lucky Leprechauns
  • Good Luck Bear
  • How to Catch a Leprechaun

Spring books included:



  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick
  • The Night Before Easter
  • Happy Easter, Mouse!
  • It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny
  • Going on an Egg Hunt
  • Turkey’s Eggcelent Easter


  • Old Lady Swallowed a Frog
  • Little Blue Truck’s Springtime
  • Bear Wants More
  • Too Many Carrots
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • The Grouchy Ladybug
  • We’re Going on a Nature Hunt


  • Grow Flower Grow
  • Flower Garden
  • Lola Wants to Plant a Garden


  • Rain
  • Little Cloud
  • The Rain Came Down

Summer books included:



  • Old Lady Swallowed a Shell
  • Three Fish and a Big Bad Shark
  • A House for Hermit Crab
  • Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea
  • The Pout Pout Fish


Fall books included:


General Fall:

  • The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
  • Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves
  • The Busy Little Squirrel
  • When the Leaf Blew In
  • Ten Red Apples
  • We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt
  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
  • The Apple Pie Tree


  • Inside a House that is Haunted
  • Old Lady Swallowed a Bat
  • Old Lady Swallowed a Ghost
  • This is the House that Monsters Built
  • Little Blue Truck’s Halloween
  • Spooky Wheels on the Bus
  • Ten Timid Ghosts


  • Turkey Trouble
  • Old Lady Swallowed a Turkey
  • Scarecrow's Hat
  • Bear Says Thanks
  • Old Lady Swallowed a Pie


  • Little Blue Truck
  • Goodnight, Little Blue Truck
  • Rosie's Walk
  • No Sleep for the Sheep

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