Using Real Life Photos in Speech Therapy: Part 2

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I posted awhile back about how much I love using real life pictures in speech therapy. They help with main idea, summarizing, inferencing, grammar, stating details, creating stories, articulation, sequencing, conversation...



And, being a type B SLP, I love therapy materials that are extremely versatile (i.e. I can use them for weeks and they just never get old!!)


Check out his blog post HERE where I share with you some ways that I use pictures and images in my speech therapy sessions to target multiple goals. Today, I want to share a set of cards that I'm SO excited about! I just received them, and have found them so incredibly helpful for my whole caseload:



There are SO many cards in here! One hundred to be exact (!!). They even include labels to keep things organized (not my strong suit)


These cards are called Action Builder Cards, and I'm obsessed!

Here is some information about this card set:


Designed by a Speech Therapist who is also a BCBA, this set of action cards is the one that you have been waiting for!  Each action features several flashcards that will help with generalization.

This set features both girls and boys engaged in several examples of an activity. For example, under “Brushing”, cards include both boys and girls brushing their hair, teeth, and a horse. For the action “Pouring”, both girls and boys are photographed pouring orange juice, water, and milk.

Use these cards to work on labeling nouns and actions. Or use them to work on phrase and sentence construction. Guided text on the back of each card will help you to strengthen your student’s understanding and use of language following a systematic scope and sequence.

This set includes several examples of the following actions: blowing, brushing, building carrying, drinking, eating, feeding, hugging, kissing, opening, playing, pouring, putting on, riding, and washing

This set comes in a sturdy cardboard box with index cards to help keep your cards organized. Each card features a full color photograph with a consistent orientation. Set includes 100 4 x 6 inch cards, index dividers, and cardboard storage box.

So...Want to learn how I use them??? 


Something I didn't mention in my previous post about real-life photos was how I like to use images in speech for articulation, intelligibility, multi-syllabic words, and increasing MLU.



In the photo above, you'll see my paint chip pacing boards to use while making sentences. My kids love these, they're colorful, and I have stacks of them next to my table so I can simply grab and go. We also use the numbered strip for multi-syllabic words. In the images, we name things we see (i.e. "drummer"), and use the sentence strip to count the number of syllables. You could also add beads, cotton balls, paperclips, mini erasers, etc when using the numbered pacing board..... So fun! I also love that these cards include information on the back of each picture in case you're feeling uninspired; so helpful!


Of course I love using these cards for language, too (so many opportunities!). I even have a great freebie to supplement the pictures! Check it out below:



Grab my freebie simply by subscribing to my newsletter! This will also keep you in the loop with all my type B tricks & tips from my room to yours!



Here are some action shots of my free resource in use! 



I included options to answer questions in writing, or simply use the cards to ask students questions or have them ask each other! 
I also like that I am able to store my supplementary questions easily within the included storage box (I will never lose them!). Again, HERE is the affiliate link to grab your own set of action builder cards!
I hope you've enjoyed some insight into how I love using real-life photos!
Happy speech-ing!!                        


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