Usborne Books for Speech Therapy, Part 1 (+Freebie!)

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Check out my latest (and first!) purchase from Usborne Books! I can't wait to show you how we can use these beauties in therapy 👄


First of all, check out my Instagram post from a few weeks ago...


And this is just three books!! Okay, let me give you a few sneak peeks into this GOLD.
We'll start with Goldilocks and the Three Bears: 
I LOVE the variations of text used within the book. My students tend to grasp on to that, since it's "weird" (yes, the teacher in me always reminds them: "how about we use 'different'?"). 
It also elicits conversation such as:
"why are some words really big, and some are really small?" 
"why do you think the author did that?" 
"how does it help make a picture of what's really happening in the story?" 
"do you think it makes this book more interesting? why?" 
"what are some ways you would change the words if you wrote this story?"
etc etc etc!
And how fun would it be to have 2nd/3rd graders work together and create their own stories using their own text features based on examples from the book?! 
These are perfect for story retell, particularly for my students who are a little weary about "getting into character" aka growling, singing, changing tone, adding emphasis... slap a mask on him and I bet Johnny will be way more willing to use his deep/loud voice to scare the daylights out of little Goldilocks. 
This book also allows for exposure to superlatives, because each beautifully drawn picture emphasizes the different sized bears (small bed, medium bed, big bed for the corresponding bears) AS WELL as those fun text features ("biggest bed" is, of course, written in the biggest text). Which I love, because it just adds another element on when teaching superlatives, and also allows for the students to play around with this when they go to write their own stories using their own text features (practice makes better!). 
**a bonus idea when using this book for superlatives: print an image of three bears 🐻🐻🐻 in three different sizes (keep the maximum size at about 4 inches "tall"/high). After you've read the book, go back and allow the student to decide which bear goes with which item. This allows extra exposure to the superlative language you've been using:
"who eats the biggest porridge?"
"who sleeps in the smallest bed?" 
For some extra receptive language skills, you can enforce by giving 1-2 step directions: 
"put the smallest bear in the biggest bed"
"put the middle bear in the smallest bed" 
Or maybe you're working on expressive language, such as increasing describing words, so you can ask the child to give YOU the direction using those shiny new superlative/describing words! 
"ok miss long, put the small bear on the big bed" 
"uh-oh Johnny, try that again using our new comparing words" (and maybe a reference sheet as needed, because I LOVE visuals and they
Check out my freebie that you can use HERE
Then again, maybe you're working on articulation in phrases or sentences. There are SO MANY phrases in this book that will yield repetition of different target sounds within similar phrases. Or, you can have your student "search and find" words/pictures in the story with his specific articulation sound.
I could go ON AND ON about all the ways you can use this book in speech therapy. 
Leave a comment below if I've missed something or if you have any other awesome ideas. I love low prep, high stimulating, fun activities in my speech room, and my Usborne books certainly allow for that! 
Talk soon--


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