Read Aloud for Speech Therapy: Helpful Tips for Parents and a Freebie!

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What is a read aloud?

How do I support speech goals during a read aloud?

I have an absolute obsession with book companions. I bet I use them 3-6 times per day with a huge chunk of my caseload. 
However, as an SLP, I have found myself sitting in IEP meetings, discussing progress the student has made, and getting questions from a parent such as, "Well what do you mean he does better with visuals? What kind of visuals? How can I support him at home then?" 
It got me thinking... we need to start supporting not just the student, but our parents as well!
I've created a in-depth handout that is perfect for SLPs, but is also a great resource to share with parents to support these skills at home. It also includes open ended pages full of comprehension questions and extension activities for multiple age groups!


Looking for low prep visuals to use to support read aloud in speech therapy? Check out my easy prep book companions here (it includes TONS of book!)



*Shout-out to KD for the support with this blog post!*

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