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 I don't know about you, but I tend to wait until the last minute to get all my CEUs finished, and I end up spending hours getting everything altogether or signing up for courses, and submitting paperwork. 

And then I found!!!

(Scroll down for your discount code!)


MedBridge is not only affordable, but it's also ASHA approved, and can be completed from the comfort of your couch. It also covers SO MANY topics from dysphagia to counseling to school-based issues.


Here are the main features of MedBridge:
Unlimited Access to Evidence-Based Courses
They offer hundreds of evidence-based courses (literally...hundreds) that cover a huge range of topics, and are continuously adding more courses!
Engaging Videos with Notes Access

I get a little distracted when CEU videos are simply just powerpoint images. With MedBridge, the videos are engaging AND include the powerpoint to click through as you watch. This feature has been so helpful for me when collecting CEUs!


ASHA CEU Reporting

MedBridge will tell you how many hours your specific state will approve, so I never second guess if I'm doing it correctly (this really helps when you have more than one state license like I do for travel therapy!). They also keep track of all the hours you've receive so that you can easily report them!


Patient Education Tools

There are two different options for MedBridge's annual subscription. The Premium Subscription includes a really awesome option that shows video exercises and techniques, plus patient education tools in video format! This is really great when you need a video tool to show to patients, or even a video example of requesting for parents to watch! The premium subscription even has patient handouts and a patient app so that they have your recommended tools at their fingertips. This is one of my favorite features!


Free Mobile App

If I'm waiting at an appointment or riding passenger on a long drive, I can easily pull out of my device and watch videos on the go! The app syncs to your devices so that you can simply pick up where you left off.


Bonus: Live Webinars

You can earn "live event" CEUs and even ask questions live in real time!

Lastly, checkout this quick graphic to see each subscription, prices, and what's included:
Are you ready to start receiving your CEUs right from your couch??
I have a huge discount for you!


(Be sure to choose your discipline at checkout so that you pay access to Speech courses specifically! You can also enter promo code TYPEB if it doesn't automatically enter at checkout for the discount).






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