I quit my SLP job...

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...because I'm becoming a travel therapist!!!!

Back in grad school, I dreamed of becoming a traveling therapist so that I could fulfill my dream of seeing the country (visiting every state is still on my bucket list!) + helping others along my journey. But then I got a really great SLP job right out of grad school. After four years at my amazing school, I started to feel a little “stuck.”

I'm almost 30, I was driving an hour to and hour from work each day which really started taking its toll, I have had this dream of traveling on my mind for a long time, and my fiancé was all on board to try something new (and thankfully has the type of job that allows him to work remotely). 

I’m proud to share that— THE TYPE B SLP IS ON THE MOVE, Y’ALL! Our first job location is in Georgia! And we move in less than 20 days... *cue the stress* I’m excited, nervous, sad, happy, freaking out— it’s been an emotional few weeks. I’m stepping SOOO far out of my comfort zone with this new journey.... and it feels GREAT to be brave! So here’s a little encouragement to do something a little scary, a little unfamiliar, because that’s where the magic happens.

(enjoy this super cheesy touristy picture of me lol)

And if you’re wondering about my new setting... I’m still in a school district and I’m still with elementary students. So I’ll still continue sharing content like I always have! I’ll still continue my journey on teachers pay teachers, and I hope I can add some value for those of you starting at new placements or first time SLPs. I haven’t “started over” in four whole years, so I’ll definitely be sharing that experience with y’all! (I can say y’all now, right??) Thanks for coming along for the ride!


P.S. I'll blog as I can about travel therapy. It isn't my MAIN focus right now, but I'm happy to share the process. Check back soon for updates and FAQs!



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