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Dollar Spot Dollhouse: FREE Images for Verbs, Sorting, Categories, & More

Posted by Abigail Long on

I have a love hate relationship with Target, as most do, since I go there for one thing and somehow spend $100 on ten other things. Which is exactly what happened to me yesterday, when I stopped in for a LAMP and bought half the items in the dollar spot area. Anyone else?? 

Anyway, I came across a beautiful wooden house, marked to be used for a wall hanging for trinkets and things. However, I've seen at least five posts of SLPs using this as a dollhouse in therapy. First of all, it's the perfect size for table work, and second of all, it can address SO MANY THERAPY GOALS. The possibilities seemed endless. AND half the work was done for me when I found a blog post from Teaching the Little People with a free printable for rooms in the house and categorizing images to sort in the house!



*TIP* I used double sided tape to tape the room pictures into the house


So this got my wheels turning and I decided to add my own visuals that would work in my classroom so that I can address more goal areas! 

My students are constantly working on pronouns, verbs, and increasing MLU. I have a few small dolls, but nothing that fits great in the dollhouse. I also wanted to make sure I could address different verbs with the activity. Therefore, I created some images that I thought could be used perfectly with the dollhouse as little characters for my students to play with, but also to *secretly* be using for therapy! 


Print all pages on cardstock. Directions are included for folding images in order to be self-standing.




Do you see the little cuties inside the house, too?! I love them!



Therapy goal areas that can be addressed:

-Increasing MLU ("The boy is in the bathroom" "The girl is on the swing in the backyard")

-WH questions

-Present progressive -ing

-Pronouns he/she

-Sorting "inside" vs. "outside" (sorting mat included)

-Categorizing ("The bathtub belongs in the...")


-One-step directions 

-Multi-step directions

-Prepositional phrases via child giving clinician/other student a direction

-Conversational skills



I hope you enjoy using these pictures for your dollhouse, leave a comment and let me know what you think! 

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